Car Accident Guide

Many people spend much of their day on the roads, and despite defensive driving, you many still encounter accidents leading to car wrecks. If (knock on wood) such an incident befalls you, then here are basic guidelines to follow:

If anyone is injured, do call 911 right away. Do not try to play doctor or be a hero. If you have sustained an injury, then you need medical attention at the soonest possible time. Injuries may not be immediately felt so be sure to see a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice.

Contact the police authorities. Make sure you get a copy of the police incident report for your insurance and other needs.

Do take note of important details of the accident. When in an accident, you may experience that time seems to slow down and due to this, many witnesses would immediately leave the scene as authorities clear the area. Make sure of the following:

Get contact information of the other driver, such as name, address, phone number and insurance details;

Identify witnesses and obtain their contact information. It would be best to get a statement from them at the soonest possible time since time affects the memories of witnesses;

Take note of the details of other vehicles in the vicinity, such as make, model and color;

After obtaining all these, do add your personal account of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Having photos or sketches of the scene would be most helpful.

Avoid pointing fault at the scene and leave this matter to the investigators of the case. If the other party admits to fault, take note of the admission. Be sure that other people witnessed such admission as it may prove helpful later on.

Discover Why Women Simply Love To Wear Stylish Wedding Shoes

Women want to look different from others on occasions especially in a wedding and they used stylish shoes of attractive color, sometimes they wear shoes that did not provide them comfort instead killing their feet due to painful shoes. So the ideal wedding shoes are made in a way that their feet feel comfort.

The season for the comfortable shoes is when they choose the darling round pair of shoes for their own wedding provide them incredible comfort and stylish look which is very as famous in the fashion flied which the Pointy toe does not provide.

There are many fabulous shoes designs available other than white flat bridal shoes designers which are different from white. Bride wearing silver embroidered gown and precious stone bridal jewelry

If you cannot notice yourself walking down the passageway with shoe having no heel then you obtain good benefit from the platform heels sneak a look toe styling which are incredible for dancing at night in a party as well.

A pair of kitten heel footwear is right choice for the bride who likes flimsy shoes. Shoes having band provide comfort able support when step out.

Kitten heel shoes are made fantastic as design in strappy sandal look. Soft color work well than standard or you may say ivory white whereas as silver, bust would be elegant and ideal for bride wearing gown and will be used after wedding with casual dressing as well.

When your feet will absolutely engorge because of standing up in your wedding ceremony activities, so the bride having thin tall heel will shop in near future for their large feet which is also comfortable.

It is a mistake to wear a little large shoe because when the wedding ceremony ends your toe will feel dreadful pain. This is mainly due to pad added in the large size shoe.

Wedding Favors For Her!

Whilst many couples will choose wedding favors that are unisex, there are those that like to choose favors on a “his & hers” basis.

Choosing wedding favors for your female guests is a lot easier than choosing them for your male guests. It would seem that the majority of favor ranges were designed with women in mind. But if you would like some inspiration then here are a few ideas.

Candles are synonymous with weddings and you can purchase in just about any shape, color and scent you like. Giving votive or tea light candles with a stylish holder needn’t break the budget and makes for an attractive and stylish favor.

Smelly Things!
This includes things like bath bombs, soaps, bubble bath, lotions, potions and powders! Why not buy a big bottle of your favorite bubble bath and decant it into small bottles for each of your female guests.

If your budget allows then make up a small goody bag or basket containing a selection of bath time goodies.

Something edible will always go down well and whilst there is a whole host of edibles suitable for either sex, you can look for those that can be customized for your girly guests.

Why not choose custom cookies shaped and iced like shoes, flowers, hearts, bodices or diamonds! You could also do the same for mini cakes.

Why not give a box of luxury chocolates? Or girly candies. Cocktail mixes presented in a stylish cocktail glass are another good idea and you could add a tag stipulating that they can only be drunk when you are all together! A good excuse for a girly night!

Practical Items
Wedding favor stores have a neat range of practical items that many girls would appreciate. Look for things like lipstick holders, mini tape measures, mini notebooks and pens, or compacts.

Be ultra practical and give kitchen items such as mini timers, measuring spoon sets, egg rings, salt and pepper pots and ice cream scoops.

Decorative Favors
Possibly the most popular and abundant within wedding favor ranges. Choose large paperweights shaped like diamonds or diamond rings.

Stylish photograph frames or mini photograph albums. Glass coasters or wine glass charms. Small bud vases or candle holders and even trinket boxes.

Wedding favors for the girls are probably easier to find than those for the boys! The biggest problem will be choosing the right ones! It is a good idea to think about what you would like to receive and what you would find the most useful. If you can’t decide on one favor for all then pick a selection. As most wedding favors are all within the same price range it shouldn’t cost you any more to choose a range of gifts instead of just one item. Quantity discounts are often available on total spend rather than on just one particular item so it is also worth checking out the wholesale stores as well.

Do It Yourself Wedding Decor

You may think that professionals who create wedding décor are geniuses but that truly isn’t the case. They simply have a flair for knowing what goes with what and most importantly, when to stop. It can be all too easy to think of a theme and then go absolutely overboard, by carrying the theme through into every detail, which can result in making your efforts look tacky rather than stylish and spectacular.

So where to start?
When considering what type of decorating is within your scope, it is best to decide on a theme. You can narrow down your ideas based on the location of your venue, the time of day, and naturally the time of year. Then you can work out what wedding decorations work best with your ideas. Once you’ve decided on a beach party theme or an elegant cocktail bar theme, everything will fall into place, resulting in a wonderful occasion.

Wedding décor ideas based on time and season
If you’re planning a Summer afternoon wedding then you may want to settle on a Daisy Theme. Tasteful but simple vases of yellow and white daisies could sit on each table, the wedding cake could also be decorated with sugar daisies and the chairs could have yellow sashes. This theme could also extend to the wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids could wear simple daisy headdresses. If it’s an evening wedding, then quite likely your guests will be wearing stylish evening dresses and suits, so you could choose a dramatic, but stylish black and white theme with some elegant decorations.

Basing your ideas to suit your venue
Choice of venue can play a large part in helping you to decide how to decorate and what theme to choose. If you’re getting married on the beach, you may well settle for a Hawaiian Wedding theme which is very informal and great fun. Guests could be asked to wear Hawaiian dress with men wearing colourful shirts and ladies wearing print dresses. They could be given garlands of flowers to wear and be served drinks by hula hula girls. Tiki torches make a wonderful decorative item and can be filled with flowers if the wedding is during the day or lit if it is an evening occasion.

If your wedding is to be held in lush gardens then your wedding décor could include such things as paper lanterns, flower embellished place settings, and fairy lights strung across bushes and in trees. Keep to a couple of main colours with just a few key pieces in accent colours, so that the look isn’t overwhelming.

Personalise your wedding
I recently attended a wedding where the bride had made all of the table settings herself. Each guest had a beautifully printed envelope (which the bride had also made), with their name on it plus a short message from the bride and groom, which contained sachets of salt, pepper, a serviette and some disposable cutlery plus a small gift. In addition there were vases on each table which she had cleverly decorated with photos of herself and the groom when they were younger. Strings of fairy lights created a magical feel and tea lights glowed on each table, casting mystical shadows and dancing light. But it was the personal touches that made each guest feel wonderfully special that was a main talking point of the evening.

Keep it simple
The hardest part about wedding decor is not how to decorate but rather narrowing down your ideas and not going over the top. If you settle on a particular theme then just inject light touches here and there as a reminder to your guests of what the theme is, rather than overwhelming them every which way they turn.

Should You Wear Maxi Dresses For Weddings?

Fashionable women have been wearing evening dresses for weddings for many seasons. This is not a trend that looks like it will die out soon. So the short answer is that you can wear maxi dresses for weddings. The long answer is that it depends on your personal style and the availability of an appropriate dress for your function.

It is very important to remember that most weddings are formal occasions. While it is a great idea to wear an evening dress for a wedding, you must be careful that you choose a dress that suits both you and the wedding you are attending. It is not un-common for you to enter a high street store and find plenty of black maxi dresses. They may even look great on you, but it’s certainly not an appropriate colour for a wedding. Likewise, you may find a stunning dress in white or ivory. This is also not a great choice as it’s possible that you will be mistaken for the bride or bridesmaids and that’s just not on.

A perfect choice would be one that has a neutral colour with a floral print or a pastel or slightly darker shade that does not clash with the wedding party. A maternity evening dress for a wedding is also popular in pastel shades that are quite fetching.

Your next decision is whether the fabric is right for you. Wearing a maxi dress for a wedding can be a stunning choice, but don’t be let down by a poor decision regarding the choice of fabric. You may look good in a jersey fabric, but is it a great choice for a wedding dress? I think not! You will be much better off with a silk or satin fabric. These are extremely feminine and you are sure to make a splash without out-shining the bride or heaven forbid, her mother.

Whilst the maxi dresses for weddings are certainly stylish, they can be rather a problem if the weather doesn’t play ball. Remember that most weddings take place during the day with a reception and party later in the evening. You can run the risk of being chilled to the bone if you don’t come prepared. A stylish touch is to add a matching jacket. You have plenty of choice for jackets that suit maxi dresses for a wedding.

You will also want to ensure that you have the right pair of matching shoes for evening dresses. For a wedding you will want an elegant shoe with medium heels. Don’t go for very high heels as you will be dancing later. Weddings can be quite taxing on your feet so go for a compromise between comfort and style.

Lastly, tone down your jewelry and choose a single bold piece that is elegant and stylish. Going over the top with lashings of gold and diamonds makes you look like you are trying too hard. You must be careful of not trying to upstage the bride. Keep the adornments minimal and you will find that maxi dress for the wedding you are visiting which works for you.

Looking classy and elegant is easy if you keep the basics in mind. Choosing evening dresses for a wedding will be a clever choice and you will be able to wear the dress for many other occasions as maxi dresses for weddings are so versatile.

Stylish Cars Available at Wedding Car Hire Companies!

Rolls Royce Phantom car hire can be hired by the groom for his bride and as a bridal car and will certainly impress the bride and her family. Preparing for a wedding is a very complicated task which involves a lot of details. There is a wide variety of wedding car hire companies to choose from when it comes to wedding transportation and it can become quite a daunting task.

Wedding hire companies have a huge range of cars to choose from vintage, classic and honeymoon travel. These days it is quite easy to hire very stylish cars to make your wedding extra special. You can choose the type of wedding transport you want, keeping in mind the entire theme of the wedding. Many people want to add that special touch to their wedding so they choose classic cars and hire vintage cars. A vintage Daimler wedding hire or a vintage silver convertible weddings car hire, for example, will definitely add a dash of mystic charm to your wedding.

For people who want to add a more contemporary touch, there are Bentley cars. And for people who love fairy tale weddings, horse and carriage hire is a perfect choice. A horse and carriage will transform your wedding and make it truly romantic. Imagine you’re soon to be a bride stepping down from your carriage, dressed as a princess to meet your prince charming, making your wedding a truly memorable occasion.
So there is an unlimited choice of stylish cars available from wedding car hire companies. In the end it all depends on your requirements, particularly around the wedding theme and, of course, the budget for your wedding.

Car hire companies provide different types of packages for wedding transport to suit the customer’s budget. They provide a wide variety of services to choose from which could be as simple as a one way journey to the wedding ceremony or a two way journey to the ceremony, and then onwards to where the reception is being held.

Wedding Favors With a Tropical Style

If you are having a destination or beach side wedding then you may be considering giving your wedding a tropical theme. Certainly, even if you do not theme your entire wedding Tropicana style, you could add a little tropical flavor to your wedding favors.

Here are a few suggestions for stylish yet fun tropical inspired favors:

Check out favor stores for some palm tree shaped boxes into which you could place candies, chocolates, almonds, mints etc. When looking for your contents try to theme them with a tropical style as well, such as seashell shaped chocolates, flower shaped candies and brightly colored candy coated almonds or mints.

Custom cookies are all the rage at the moment and are perfect for designing to a tropical theme. Try shapes such as palm trees, flamingo’s, sunglasses, and sun hats.

Double up your wedding favors with your place card holders and look for stylish chrome plated name card holders in the shape of pineapples, seashells, crabs and anything else beach/tropical related. A nice idea can be to mix and match them particularly if you have a large number of couples amongst your guests. They then get two stylish holders in different designs.

If your budget is tight then coordinate your favor packaging tropical style instead. Add stylish paper or silk flowers such as hibiscus, lilies or orchids to the top of your favor boxes. If you prefer something rather more simple then create some tags with tropical inspired graphics instead.

If your budget is larger then you could treat your guests to sun hats, flip-flops, parasols and hand held fans. These are the types of favors that will undoubtedly be used again and your guests will appreciate having something to help keep the sun off and keep them cool as the day goes on.

Along the same lines, but rather less expensive are bottles of water or even sun cream with customized labels. Many of the larger favor stores offer these and you can have a choice of label designs to personalize.

And, for those with a celebrity style budget, why not go all out and create goody bags for your wedding favors. Fill them with things such as sun hats, sun cream, a bottle of water and some edible treats. Present them in stylish cloth tote bags which you can have printed with your wedding date and your names.

Why The Love For Wedding Rings?

People from different parts of the world have a love for wedding rings. The ring has become the one item that unites people from different backgrounds and religions. It is more like the uniform that brings together different tribes and religions. This is because these bands hold the same symbol of unity, love and commitment across the board. They serve as constant reminders of the vows made on the wedding day making it easier for couples to remain committed and working hard to nurture and nourish their relationship. Besides this very deep meaning of the wedding rings, there are other reasons why people love them.

They are stylish

Wedding rings are no longer limited to certain materials and designs. You can now find them in huge varieties of metals, stones and designs making them very stylish. You can choose a ring that makes you stand out even with the everyday wearing thanks to the options. Apart from sticking to the circular nature, you can now even have yours shaped to make it more unique and personal. If you are not into the traditional simplicity of the wedding bands, you can still retain the band meaning but make your band as stylish as you want. Fashion lovers simply love this about modern wedding rings.

They make personal statements

You can have your personality molded into the wedding ring. The freedom to choose which gemstones and metals that are used on the ring makes it all possible. Your band can speak volumes about your personality, making it easier for people to relate with you. You can actually be judged by the wedding ring that you wear and be classed in the same manner. For instance, gold and diamonds are believed to be for the rich high lifestyle individuals while silver is for the middle class.

They hold family values

This is of course one of the major functions of a metal bands designed for your wedding. People have their behaviors and talks evaluated in terms of family values. Wearing your wedding ring therefore can play a role in how people look at you and the respect they have for you. You are expected to be very mature and reasonable if you are wearing a ring compared to if you are not wearing any ring. Wearing it therefore keeps you in check and reminds you of what is expected of you.

They are a treasure

There is no single person who does not love to be loved and want to be wanted. Wearing your bands goes to prove this point and make many people fit into the society. Women light up upon receiving engagement rings and will flaunt them to their friends and family. Receiving a ring in the end completes them and makes them more acceptable and respected in the society making the rings a treasure for many. Truth is you can earn plenty of respect in different settings when wearing your wedding ring.

Three Classic Trends of Wedding Accessories for Brides

Having an unforgettable and unique wedding is the wish of every bride. One of the most usual ways is finding a stylish wedding dress. But to get the stylish one which you love at once is not such a simple thing. Besides, as a common bride (I mean that we are usually not those BIG STARS, which have enough budgets for inviting a designer to create a wedding dress only for her), the full sense of “unique wedding gown” is not available for us. So it is the truth that there is a coincidence when people find the two same wedding dresses on two different brides. However, you can make your gown more unique as much as possible by adding some stylish bridal accessories.

Three classic trends

1. Veil
There is no doubt that it is the most classic accessory for bride. No matter where the wedding is held, it often is an integral part of bride`s costume. It has not only added the holy feeling for wedding, but also show the elegance of our brides. The veil can be various lengths. For winter weddings long and multi-layered veils are more suggested, while short and light ones for summer weddings. In addition, veils, like persons, have their characters, too. So you can also choose such one which can show your personality. Also, it is a basic principle that veil should match the dress.

2. Jacket
The main materials for bridal jackets are lace and satin. They can be long and short. First of all, wedding jackets are most used for the dresses without straps to get a balance or keep warm on cold weathers, for example, winter wedding. As time goes by, the silhouettes of bridal jackets have greatly got rich, which provide you a wonderful chance to make you look perfect.

3. Sashes
This is also the most common choice for brides, who want to decorate their wedding gowns. Except the variety of options on colors, the details on sashes make them look lovely, or sweet, or elegant, or luxury. Although sometimes strongly contrasting colors may make a surprise, a wise suggestion is choosing a color which matches your wedding dress well.

Of course, there are still lots of other accessories for brides who want to be the most charming girl on her big day, for example, headpieces. If you are a creative bride, then here is another advice – you may make your accessories by your own hands – DIY your accessories. Believe that you can eventually find it.

Planning a Wedding That Stays Within Your Budget

Is it possible to make a wedding stylish and at the same time affordable? Most definitely! With a little careful planning, plenty of research and some practicality your wedding can be fantastic on any budget.

The difficulty of planning a wedding is that today, it can be very expensive and time consuming to work on. Luckily there are lots of ways to economize on wedding plans and still have a beautiful event. Many weddings today cost more than $20,000, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to spend that much for a beautiful affair. Remember that there’s no connection between the amount of money spent on the wedding and the beauty of the marriage itself.

Being creative about making your own wedding accessories will make your wedding that much more affordable. When you want to make your own items for the wedding, there are lots of resources to consult and the internet is probably the most important. It’s easy to go online and find websites that will guide you in creating your own decorations, favors, and accessories for the wedding. The things necessary to make those items plus all your creativity are needed. With your own creativity, you can be inspired by online DIY wedding invitations and change them to match your own creative vision. You have the option of changing the colors or patterns of the papers that you use or you can utilize a variety of ribbons or embellishments.

It is proper to thank your wedding guests for taking time to be with you during the most memorable moment of your lifetime. In what way would you like to express your gratitude to your guests? Naturally, wedding favors accomplish this. Themed wedding favors come in so many designs and styles. The cost of wedding favors range from expensive to inexpensive. Opting for an inexpensive wedding favor does not mean you are choosing the “cheapest” one. Many affluent couples use some of the thousand inexpensive favors that make beautiful favors. Below you will find highly stylish wedding favors sure to fit any budget.

You should look for a wedding favor that does it all if you are on a budget! There’s nothing else that could be asked of a great wedding favor.

Capture My Heart Photo Coasters are a personal and perfect way to organize your reception seating and number your tables! In our home, we put a ball shaped candle, a different approach to pillar and taper candles, over top of glass coasters.

Perfumed Frosted Glass Votive Candle Gifts

A glittering and exciting new spin on a traditional wedding favor your guest will be sure to love! Candles in frosted votive holders are very romantic and express the feelings of your wedding. Votives are of thick frosted glass etched with intertwined hearts and flowers all around.

Silver Wedding Bell Couple Favor

Silvery wedding bells are beautiful on the tables and are much more appealing than knives clinking against glasses when the guests want to encourage the happy couple to kiss.